Sushi Heaven
views customer's satisfaction as the number one priority, and has been serving sushi with the freshest ingredients and heartfelt service since opening in Sanford FL, in 2014. We offer invent-your-own sushi rolls. With more than 50 ingredients to mix and match, Sushi Heaven gives you the power to create an endless array of cutting-edge creations with a nod toward ancient tradition. Are you a purist or adventurist? You're only limited by your imagination!
Sushi Heaven is a fast, modern looking restaurant that serves the best sushi dishes around. We understand that each of our customers have a unique taste in food, and we want to celebrate that by allowing every visitor to our restaurant the opportunity to create their own sushi or choose from our menu. 

We put time and care into our dishes to ensure that nothing but the highest quality ingredients are used in making every roll. Our seasonings and sauces are hand crafted, guaranteeing no added preservatives, chemicals or MSG. Our chefs prepare the rolls right in front of our customers so that they're assured of the cleanliness, quality and freshness we have to offer here at Sushi Heaven.

Vickie Chuong

Ever since I was 14 years old I've had a driven passion for taste. I wanted to take it a step further one day and make my dreams a reality by opening my restaurant. I admire new ideas and welcome creativity, with sushi theres endless possibilities! Come and join me in my journey to success at Sushi Heaven and lets grow together!
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"​ "Every bite is a taste of heaven"
va                                                                                            ​- Vickie Choung